Jonathan Robbin - Bibliography


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  Papers presented at conferences and meetings

 Robbin, Jonathan E.
"A User-Oriented System for Retrieval, Processing and Reporting of Census Summary
 Tape Data"
Madison, Wisconsin Summary Tape Workshop, University of Wisconsin, May, 1968

 Robbin, Jonathan E.
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13th National Meeting of Public Health Conference on Records and Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics, Public Health Service, DHEW, June, 1970

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Time Incorporated Annual Market Planning  Seminar
 March, 1974

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Advertising Research Foundation Conference on Research Methods and Technology, September, 1976

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24th Annual Conference of the Advertising Research Foundation
 October, 1978

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Library of Congress Technology Development Group, February, 1977

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"An Evaluation of the Use of ZIP Clustered Data for Targeting Political Campaign Actions at the Block Group/Enumeration District Level"
Claritas Corporation Applications Seminar, July, 1982

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U.S. Army Operations Research Conference, September, 1981

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Claritas Corporation Applications Seminar, September, 1984

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October, 1986

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U. S. Bureau of the Census
Train the Trainer Workshop on the 1987 Economic Census
March, 1989

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Claritas Corporation Applications Seminar, September, 1990

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The Great Database Debate - Managing Data and Data Acquisition Issues
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Robbin, Jonathan E.
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and Persons Classified by Means of Sewage Disposal at the Census Block Group Level of Geography over
the Chesapeake Bay Watershed"
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and its Chesapeake Bay Education Office
Conference on Local Solultions to Pennsylvania's Pollution, October, 1995

Robbin, Jonathan E.
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Direct Communications Planning Seminar, March 1996

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MapInfo Annual "Mapworld" Conference, May, 1999

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President's Invited Address, Classification Society of North America,
June, 2000

Robbin, Jonathan E. and Kissel, Mark
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Presentation to Department of Transportation, Charlotte, North Carolina
July, 2000

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Association of Public Data Users' 25th Anniversary Conference
October, 2000

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Association of Public Data Users' 25th Anniversary Conference
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Association of Public Data Users' 26th Conference, "Democratization of data"
October, 2001

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Association of Public Data Users' 26th Conference,  "Democratization of data"
October, 2001

Robbin, Jonathan E
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Association of Public Data Users' 27th Conference,  "Striking a Balance in Public Data"
October, 2002

Robbin, Jonathan E
"Data Conflict and Resolution: - Balancing Needs of Data Producers and Users in the Measurement of Income"
Association of Public Data Users' 27th Conference,  "Striking a Balance in Public Data"
October, 2002

Robbin, Jonathan E
"The Future Landscape of Public Data: - Utopian Ideas for Rendering Public Data More Useful"
Association of Public Data Users' 28th Conference,  "The Shifting Landscape of Public Data"
October, 2003

  Non-proprietary Research Reports

 Robbin, Jonathan E.
"The Poverty Index - the Development of a Social Indicator through the Analysis of Secondary Data Sources"
 Office of Economic Opportunity, 1968

 Robbin, Jonathan E. and Pickering, John
 "Local Area AIDS Estimation Project Final Report"
Description of Ecological Models Used in Disaggregating "At-risk" Populations and AIDS Cases
Claritas Corporation, 1988

  Research Reports Describing Mr. Robbin's Projects

 "Journey to Work, the Manhattan Central Business District"
 New York-New Jersey Transportation Agency, May, 1962

 "Park n' Ride Rail Service, Jersey Ave. Station, New Brunswick, N.J."
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 (Narrative Analyses of Poverty and Socioeconomic Indicators for Each of 3,131
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 Laboratory Paper No. 35
 Mental Health Study Center
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  Expert guidance to congressional commitees and an advisory commision

 Robbin, Jonathan E.
"Index of Susceptibility to Civil Disorder - the Development of a Social Indicator through the Analysis of Secondary Data Sources"
Office of Economic Opportunity, 1969
Presented to the President's National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (Kerner Commission) and to The United States Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (Hon. John L. McClennan, Chair) and the Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations (Edmund S. Muskie, Chair)

  Expert testimony in the Congressional Record

 Robbin, Jonathan E.
 "The Nine-digit ZIP's Potential Ancillary Benefits"
Hearing on the U.S. Postal Service Plan for Nine-digit ZIP Code before the Subcommitee on Government Information and Individual Rights of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, Hon. Richardson Preyer Presiding, September 17, 1980

  Books about Jonathan Robbin and his work

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  Selected Articles about Jonathan Robbin and his work

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