Ricercar's Products and Services, contd.

Ricercar also offers the following specialized services and products:

enhancement, qualification, filtering and upgrading of raw customer name and address files for the creation of high targeted mailing lists for cross-selling and special promotions;

sizing, analysing and locally targeting affluent segments of the United States population by predicting the incidence of the wealthiest (high liquid asset) consumers of specific financial services and products as well as luxury merchandise and activities (no upper limit to size of assets);

market targeting for the small retail or service business through the building of expert systems for marketing information and analysis applications that can be used interactively in both internet and intranet environments;

converting raw secondary data from the Economic Censuses to value-added, packaged data resources for general use in GIS and market targeting applications through updating, interpolating, extrapolating, disaggregating, correcting, editing and imputing missing items;

providing the individual consulting services of Jonathan Robbin and his associates in the performance of custom geodemographic and geoeconomic modeling tasks and in the provision of planning and guidance in building in-house resources for continuous specialized market targeting activities.

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