Ricercar's Products and Services, contd.

Ricercaris also designing and developing new analytical, typological, interpretive and predictive expert systems with applications in marketing and commercial communications. These systems are far ahead of the state of the art and are crafted especially for delivering comprehensible, reliable and practical answers to end users, avoiding the pitfalls of " statistical illiteracy" which arise when raw data are provided without backgound documentation, qualification, interpretation or explanation of limitations and relevance to the original question.

Raw data drawn from secondary sources inevitably require a knowledge base in research methodology, multivariate statistical modeling, numerate reasoning, and hypothesis testing in observational social science. In addition, meaningful and correct use of secondary sources invariably assumes a deep familiarity with subject matter concepts drawn from census demography, human ecology, household sector and small area economics, social geography and epidemiology.

Ricercarsupplies this expertise tempered by over forty years of experience successfully providing applied geodemographic and geoeconomic research to clients active in both consumer and business to business marketing. Our company's primary objective is the achievement of practical, comprehensible and profit-enhancing results using state-of-the-art scientific marketing research methodologies.

Over thirty years ago, Ricercar's leader, Jonathan E. Robbin, founded geodemographic targeting science. He organized Ricercar to offer one-on-one professional consultation to accompany services and products customized for each specific client, application or vertical industry. Beware of the "hit-and-run" or "commodity" fare purveyed by amateurs or neophytes in geodemography.  Settle for nothing but the best... Ricercar!

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