Thema Regis: Johann Sebastian Bach - Musikalisches Opfer - 1747

This is the theme composed by Fredrick the Great challanging Bach during a live performance to demonstrate his extraordinary skill in the improvisation of contrapunctal music. It became the subject of the remarkable canons and fugues in Bach's "Musical Offering" which consisted, in its final edition, of the following individual pieces: 

No. 1.  Ricercar a 3 voci
No. 2.  Canones diversi super thema regium
I. Canon perpetuus
II. Canon a due Quaerendo invenietis
III. Canon a quattro
IV. Canon a due
V. Canon a due Violini in unisono
VI. Canon a due per motum contrarium
VII. Canon a due Per augmentationem contrario motu
[Notulis crescentibus crescat Fortuna Regis]
VIII. Canon a due. Per tonos
[Ascendente modulatione ascendat Gloria Regis]
No. 3.  Fuga canonica in epidiapente
No. 4.  Ricercar a sei voci (six voices)
No. 5.  Sonata (Trio per flauto, violino e continuo)
No. 6.  Canon perpetuus
No. 7.  Fuga (Ricercata) a sei voci (six voices)
No. 8.  Fuga Canonica

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