What Ricercar  does...

Ricercar  provides geodemographic and geoeconomic models and decision-making information to direct, retail, e-comm and mass marketers, from the largest to the smallest and to government agencies, non-profit organizations, political advocates and suppliers of value-added data and business services.

Ricercar   develops and applies proprietary new and advanced geodemographic and geoeconomic data resources, systems and analytical methods which maximize clients' return on their investment in marketing and promotional actions and increase their bases of customers or loyal constituents.

Ricercar   continuously updates, interpolates, extends and completes raw data from the federal statistical system and other sources which reflect the social and economic characteristics of small geographic areas.  These data are integrated with current commercial surveys and compilations and analysed in conjunction with in-house customer files in order to transform them into profit-enhancing information products and services, both custom and generic.

Ricercar   is different from other companies who process, package and map census data for retail, direct, e-comm and mass marketers.  We don't provide raw, uninterpreted data of dubious relevance that require professional expertise to understand and utilize. We provide useful results -- practical applications of the data in action-ready formats.  We process and statistically analyze a vast and complex amount of information to single out what's important and delete what's unimportant in predicting the sales of a particular narrowly defined good or service or constructing an indicator to guide remedial actions. We provide every client, large or small, a custom solution for specific objectives.

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